8 10 2010

 A few weeks ago I found and mentioned in one of my posts

I signed up for the interesting site and began to make a few reviews and got a few.

Now, you are reading this on the blog so YOU KNOW what it looks like- let's look at some of the feedback:

I like the colors 
it is way too simple..does not look very professional… 
put a contrasting color in background with some design…that is simple and changes the whole site… 

Really? What am I supposed to do with that? "I like the colors, too simple, contrast color in the background?" Again, what do I do with the conflicting opinions there?
This was at least moderately useful:
Interesting content, I also like the structure of the footer. 
The website design itself is extremely sparse and 'empty', making for an unforgettable experience. I understand the goal may be to direct 100% of the viewer's attention on the blog posts themselves, but the content can actually be dramatically enhanced by a strong design behind it. 

I am assuming they meant "forgettable experience" or maybe they didn't but it was under the thumb's down portion. Yes, the design is supposed to be sparse in case you were wondering. 
Extremely helpful here:
not much 
looks like a wordpress template and a very old one at that 

Wow. Thanks for dropping by? WordPress? This is Posterous, durnit! 
Finally, the best one, and not because it was complimentary:
Very interesting content.
I like white and simple design.
Nothing distracts attention.
What is really very good is that I feel that I read articles of a real person, his own thoughts and ideas, this is very valuable. 
This is the matter of taste, but comments would not be waste. The heading is too aggressive. Maybe you can make design a bit more traditional like two black stripes on sides and the content in the middle, so that people to focus on text. The style of writing seems a bit chaotic. 
Good luck. You have a very interesting blog. The content is really interesting. I found several things I did not know, for example about Twitter. 
I liked it because it was actually constructive and thoughtful as opposed to "not much."

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