Groupon / Redbox Deal BAD IDEA?

10 12 2010

Ok, so the Groupon/Redbox came and went.

I got the text as a loyal Redbox customer: 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY! Go to to get 3 one-night Redbox DVD rentals for only $1. Txt STOP 2 quit.

And what did I get? A notice like others, but then quickly a deleted page.
The reaction was as immediate as mine online:

You can see that updated here.

I’m going to be VERY curious to see how this plays out for these two giants.
A great idea for BOTH of them, might have HURT both of them.

Not sure what Groupon limited the deal to, but loyal customers of both might feel VERY slighted. I did not get my Redbox text until at least two hours AFTER the deal went live. 

Which tells me that Redbox was trying to reach more customers, but why share with THEIR customers.

For Groupon, this could be a nice win. Redbox fans who love the cheap movies will now know THEIR brand but who got the Groupon emails?

Groupon sends weird deals to different places.

Should be fun to watch play out.





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